Wireless Temperature Sensor WT106

Wireless Temperature Sensor WT106

SGD 182

  • Wireless Temperature Lora node
  • temperature range -50℃~200℃, accuracy ±0.2℃;
  • Power supply: 3AAA battery powered.

Wireless Temperature Sensor WT106 is wireless RTD PT100 sensor, using AAA battery or 3.3`24VDC powered up and ultra low power consumption design,it special design for monitoring temperature of Hospital, chicken farm, chemical plant, storage room, freezer, laboratory and other applications. intergrated into S281 Cellular Lora Gateway, it can achieve temperature remote monitoring.




Rated Voltage

 3 AAA Battery or 3.3`24VDC

Power Consumption

 Standby:30mV, Transmission: 500mA

Temperature Range


Wireless Distance

 2500m in open air


 Default: 420MHz~450MHz, Optional: Other.

Working Environment

 Temperature: -10~70,Humidity: 95%






1. Adopting latest Lora technology;

2. Ultra low power consumption, powered up by AAA battery or 3.3`24VDC ;

3. Low battery voltage monitoring and alarm;

4. Easy to configure to Lora gateway;

5. Long wireless transmission distrance, upto 2500meter in open air;

6. IP65 Waterproof enclousure;

7. Automatically computing threshold value;

8. Programmable ISM Band to avoid intereference;

9. High precision for temperature and humidity meansurement.


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