It’s time to learn the right way of SMS marketing

Dec 25, 2013 | Resource

It’s time to learn the right way of SMS marketing

Dec 25, 2013

With Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry come into effect from 2 January 2014, telemarketers have to check DNC registry before they can call, SMS or fax to a number, we call this as wash the number. If there is a violation, the fine can be up to $10,000 per case.

This law impact nearly all business who engage certain kind of telemarketing. The exception is :

An organization that has been given clear and unambiguous consent by the individual, in written or other accessible form, to send him or her marketing messages, may do so regardless of when he or she registers with the DNC Registry.So the right way of doing SMS marketing is to get the clear and unambiguous consent of sending individue marketing messages.

People do want to received the SMS marketing messages, because it is fast and effective. And people like deals, promotions and coupons all the time. But people don’t like SMS which they are not interested and consider them as a nuisance. That’s why the law is come in to protect the people and give people a choice to not to received the unwanted calls or SMS messages.

The solution for business is to get the customer or potential customer’s consent of calling them or sending them SMS messages.

How to get the consent?

There are a few ways of getting the customer or potential customer’s consent.

1. Sign a paper consent form

This is the most commonly used method, organization can ask the customer to sign a form and tick the option of agree to receive the marketing messages from the organization.

2. Sign an on-line consent form

This is also popular and save on paper usage, organization can post an on line form, and ask the customer to tick and submit the form.

3. SMS opt-in

This method is not been widely used, because organization are not aware of the capabilities of SMS opt-in method.

GT Notify, which is developed by Grep Tech, has the capability of automatic SMS subscription to address this problem, here is how it works:

Organization first define a keyword which is related to their business, for example a restaurant name ABC, customer or potential customer send a SMS to GT Notify system, with the keyword and their name in the message, like “ABC, JOHN”. GT Notify system will automatic send back a confirmation SMS message. At the same time, customer’s phone number, name, registration time also been recorded.

Compare to paper and on-line consent form, SMS opt-in method is easier for customer to register and more cost-effective for the organization.