Marketing Campaign

Don’t want to handle the technology and those administration of the SMS marketing campaign?

Outsource the work to us. We will manage the technology, administration and SMS broadcast campaign, so you can concentrate the marketing strategy to drive your business growth.

We will provide the customised solution for your business, even working with your other marketing channels to make your marketing strategy a success.

System Integration

Want to integrate GT Notify SMS system with your application?

We are the developer and manufacture of the GT Notify system and we know everything about how GT Notify system works. We are able to work with your developer to integrate GT Notify SMS system with your application and make full use of the power of SMS system.

SIM Card Hosting Service

Want to host your GT Notify SMS Notification with us, and let us to manage your system?

It’s just like a subscription plan.

You provide us your SIM card, and we will host and manage your dedicated GT Notify SMS system. You can access your dedicated GT Notify system from anywhere.