Grep Tech Pte Ltd is Now One of SPRING Singapore’s Pre-Qualified ICV Integrated Service Providers (ISP)

Nov 17, 2015 | Company News

Singapore, Singapore, November 17, 2015 –(– Grep Tech Pte Ltd is now one of SPRING Singapore’s pre-qualified integrated service providers (ISP) for the Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV).

Eligible SME’s in Singapore can now use one of the 8 vouchers to fully fund the implementation of Grep Tech’s GT Notify SMS solution to easily connect and engage with their customers automatically and more effectively.

SMEs can apply through SPRING Singapore’s ICV Online Portal.

GT Notify is a powerful combination of plug and play hardware and a feature packed web-based interface that allows its users to take SMS communication to the next level. The compact device houses a SIM card that receives SMS responses and connects to the internet through an Ethernet cable. The device can be left to run 24 by 7, without a need to connect to a computer while data is stored within the device, creating a private SMS server that does not upload sensitive information such as a customer database on the cloud.

On top of SMS broadcasting, the 3-way SMS system not only allows users to respond to SMS received but can also forward it to those who need to be notified of the SMS. Other nifty features include scheduled SMS and follow up SMS, both of which can be configured at any time and be made to run automatically without any need for an administrator to launch the marketing campaigns.

“We want to make SMS marketing as easy as possible for businesses, especially the small ones who don’t have the resources like manpower or money to invest heavily in advertising. SMS marketing has still proven to be an effective tool to keep customers engaged with products and services and our system is designed for this purpose, to run automatically in the background while businesses can focus on other things like giving excellent customer service,” explained Robin Luo, General Manager of Grep Tech Pte Ltd.

The system is so easy to maintain that it even creates customer databases automatically based on opt-in campaigns, one of the more popular ways businesses that use SMS marketing apply to circumvent the Do-Not-Call Registry limitation that has been in effect in Singapore since 2 January 2014.