Why opt-in method is better for SMS marketing?

Nov 5, 2013 | Resource

Why opt-in method is better for SMS marketing?

Nov 5, 2013

With the Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry requirement coming into effect on 2 Jan 2014, it become even clear that the opt-in method is a better solution for the SMS marketing.

So what is the opt-in method for SMS marketing?

I found the following information from PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) web site best explain the opt-in, and opt-out.

An organization that has been given clear and unambiguous consent by the individual, in written or other accessible form, to send him or her marketing messages, may do so regardless of when he or she registers with the DNC Registry.

The individual, however, shall be allowed to withdraw the consent given but this shall not affect the legal consequences arising from the withdrawal.

How opt-in and opt-out works in the SMS marketing?

Let’s illustrate by an example:

1. During lunch time, Jone was walking pass an ABC Italian restaurant and saw a post on the wall outside the restaurant, the message says: “Get the ABC Italian restaurant promotions, offerings and coupon by SMS “offer name” to 85502600”.

2. Since John’s office is nearby, and he would like to get the good deal from the restaurant, so he take out his mobile phone and send a message offer john to that number.

3. After a while, John received a message from that number, the message says: “Dear John, Thanks for your interest, show this message to get 15% discount on bill when you dine at ABC Italian Restaurant, offer valid for 5 days. UN to unsub”

4. John is very happy and plan to have the dinner at ABC Italian restaurant on Friday. The restaurant is also very happy with the new customer, and be able to send the promotion messages when the business is low season to get more business.

There are many benefits for business of using opt-in method:

1. Highly targeted list, the people in the list has clearly show the interest of the product and services, the response rate to the promotion and offering message will be very high.

2. The list is smaller, compare to the list bought from the database seller. The small list means the cost to send out the messages will be less.

3. No need to check the DNC registry and comply with the law, save on the compliance cost, and reduce the business risk.

4. Since opt-in and opt-out process can be automated, business increase the productive and save the marketing cost.

5. Happy customer and happy business

GT Notrify system is designed with opt-in and opt-out mechanism, and works perfactly for business to implement the SMS marketing strategy while comply with the latest Do-Not-Call registry law.