Selecting the Right SIM Card for Your SMS Notification System

May 10, 2024 | Resource

Are you considering utilizing the GT Notify SMS gateway or Modem for alert or notification purposes in Singapore? If so, you’ve likely encountered the dilemma of choosing the appropriate telecom operator. Singapore boasts three major local providers: Singtel, Starhub, and M1.

Singtel, being the oldest and largest local provider, often garners attention as the default choice for SMS systems. However, contrary to popular belief, user feedback suggests that Singtel may not be the optimal option. Many users report encountering issues with Singtel’s SMS filtering system. Specifically, after sending a few hundred SMS messages in a day, further attempts fail due to an undisclosed limit. This limit appears to be enforced daily, persisting even after system or equipment restarts. While historical observations estimated the limit at around 1000 SMS per day, recent years have seen it decrease to approximately 200 to 300 SMS per day. Despite diligent inquiries, Singtel has not provided any official information regarding this limitation; instead, our insights stem from user feedback and observations.

On the other hand, Starhub and M1 SIM cards seem unaffected by such limitations. Users have reported successful transmission even when sending several thousand SMS messages in a day.

For those considering a SIM card for their SMS notification system in Singapore, it’s crucial to consider these limitations. Should you encounter similar issues, understanding the potential source of the problem can expedite resolution. Happy SMS-ing!